Art & Research Residencies


Thank you for your interest in the Art & Research Residency program offered by the Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab (VSMS Lab) of the Cyprus University of Technology. The residency program provides academics, artists, curators and other professionals access to facilities and equipment for the purposes of developing and implementing a research or artistic project.

The Art & Research Residency was launched in 2012 and it aims at encouraging:

  • research related to museums, visitor studies, cultural policy, cultural sustainability, photography and theory, visual sociology/ anthropology and other related fields;
  • the production of art projects and more specifically film and photographic projects;
  • projects which combine research with art practice

The Art & Research Residency can take place at any time of the year and its duration can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the project and the availability of space and equipment. The Residency does not cover any costs for accommodation or traveling expenses.



The duration of the Residency can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the project and the availability of space and equipment

Benefits – the Resident will:

  • Work independently on his/her own project
  • Be able to use the VSMS Lab facilities
  • If necessary, borrow filming and photography equipment (please e-mail us for any equipment requirements you may have)
  • Be given an office space with computer and internet access
  • Have access to the Cyprus University of Technology Library

Not provided:

  • Housing accommodation is not offered. However, the University has a housing service which can help Residents to find appropriate accommodation. Please contact us in case you need any help with accommodation.
  • The Residency does not cover living or traveling expenses.

Number of applicants at one time:

Up to two residents per time

Eligibility/ Who can apply:

The Residency Grant is available to:

  • academics and researchers
  • photographers, filmmakers and other visual artists
  • curators
  • cultural producers

Working languages:

English or Greek

Application Deadline:

There is no deadline for applications. The applications are reviewed as they come in.

How to apply:

Applicants need to fill in the application form which can be found below. Along with the application form please submit a CV. Visual artists are encouraged to direct us to their website or send us a PDF file with samples of their work (Optional).

All applications should be send to:

Click here for the Application form: APPLICATION FORM FOR RESIDENCIES



April – May 2017, Giuseppe Fanizza and Giulia Ticozzi, artists. Project title: Imagery of Border Landscape in Cyprus: a Visual Catalogue of Border Devices.

Feb. – April 2017, Stephan Takkides, artists. Project: video work looking at the use of open space in the city of Limassol.


Feb. – May 2016, Dr. Polina Nikolaou, Independent researcher. Project title: The diaspora of Cypriot antiquities and the British Museum, 1860-1900.


Feb.- March 2015, Christos Mais, PhD Candidate at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society. Project Title: Visuals in dissident and underground press during the Long Sixties in Greece.


Dec.2013 – Apr.2014, Aivar Ruukel, Estonia University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia. Project Title: How the online travel photosharing influences visitors to national parks.

Dec.2013-Jan.2014, Alina Zubkovych, School of Advanced Social Studies, Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Project Title: The collapse of Yugoslavia as represented in the former Yogoslav countries’ museums.


Nov.2012 – Feb.2013, Dr. Jasmina Kuka, School of Political Sciences, Belgrade Open School and Center for Development of Cross-Sectoral Cooperation. Project Title: Investigating reasons for irrelevance of cultural indicators to policymaking and cultural sustainable development processes