Posing Research Project

“POSING” is a VSMS Lab project which investigates the ways tourists choose to photograph themselves in front of some of the most popular landmarks of the world. Special emphasis is given to images that demonstrate an active engagement with the landmark. The two most popular online photo-sharing applications, Flickr and Picassa, are used for the purposes of this research.

The research database includes 3600 images from 12 of the most popular locations in the world. The 12 locations are:
1. the Pyramids in Egypt,
2. the Statue of Liberty in New York, USA,
3. the Eiffel Tower in France,
4. the Grand Canyon in the USA,
5. the Great Wall of China,
6. The Taj Mahal in India,
7. the Notre Dame in Paris,
8. the Niagara Falls (USA/ Canada)
9. the Empire State Building in New York, USA,
10. the Tower of Pisa in Italy,
11. the Big Ben in England, and
12. Times Square in New York, USA.

A small selection of photographs was made for possible publication and exhibition purposes. We are currently in the process of contacting the photographers of these images to ask for their consent to use their photographs. All the photographers will be credited since their name will appear under their photograph in case of publication.

For more information please contact Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert at theopisti.stylianou@cut.ac.cy