Fusion Is The Future (2016)

A collaborations between Artos Foundation and the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts. Funding: Cultural Services, Ministry of Education and Culture

This project brings together a broad range of disciplinary perspectives to explore the dynamics of transdisciplinary collaborations that transcend the traditional boundaries of art and art-making. Ten visual artists (fine and applied) are paired with ten professionals from the sciences or humanities to co-create a work, which took take visual, auditory, sensory or virtual form. The teams worked together over the course of 6 months on a creative project working through conceptual barriers, developing new skills and creative tools to carry out their project. The emphasis was on the thought-processes as well as the development of creative patterns and ideas.

These collaborations lead to an exhibition at the 2016 Pop-Up Festival in Nicosia where the outcomes of the projects were presented. Furthermore, visual and textual documentation was collected throughout and a booklet was produced.