Nicosia Museums Visitor Study (2018-2020)

This project is a collaboration between the Visual Sociology and the Museum Studies Lab (VSMS Lab) and the Nicosia Tourism Board. The purpose of this research was to collect information about museum visitors in Nicosia, Cyprus in order to identify their demographic characteristics, motivations and relationship with the city of Nicosia. A questionnaire was distributed in five museums in Nicosia: the State Gallery of Cypriot Contemporary Art, the Byzantine Museum, the CVAR (Centre for Visual Arts & Research), the Cyprus Museum of Natural History and the Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum. Also, a media report was produced for each museum. Individual reports were created for each museum, presenting the information and analysis of each data set, and providing a set of conclusions and suggestions to act as a resource to each museum’s management team. The reports aim to help museum professionals better understand their audiences and satisfy their needs.


Research, analysis and reporting: Andri Achilleos (VSMS Lab intern) and Myrto Aristidou (VSMS Lab research associate). Supervision: Dr. Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert