RISE Museum Lab Internship Projects

The VSMS Lab is collaborating with the RISE Museum Lab and we are accepting applications for two Internship positions, targeting the following research areas :

Internship Title: Evaluating the application of emerging technologies in cultural heritage.

Description of Internship: Emerging technologies are becoming an important part in the interpretation, education, and overall enhancement of the visitor experience in museums and heritage sites. However, when incorporating such technologies in these contexts it is very important to also test the user experience and explore their effects on visitors, as well as the visitors’ perceptions, attitudes, understandings and feelings. Thus, we are looking for students interested to work on researching various aspects of visitor experience in museums or heritage sites in which emerging technologies are used.

Required Skills: Good knowledge of qualitative research methodologies such as interviews, surveys and overall familiarity with qualitative data analysis

Level of required Skills: Very good/ Excellent

Internship Objectives: The research will focus mainly on uses of VR or AR and aims to explore the effects of these technologies through various methods such as personal interviews and surveys, carried out with the visitors of these sites. The ultimate aim of the research is to explore the effect of these technologies on different aspects of the museum/heritage site experience and to propose guidelines for best practices and for future uses of such technologies in similar contexts.

Expected Deliverables: Evaluation study

Internship Title: Ledra Palace Museum Project

Description of Internship: The Museum Lab of RISE Centre of Excellence is conducting research on the iconic Ledra Palace hotel located at the Buffer Zone and now used by the UNFICYP. The aim of our research is to reconstruct the history of the hotel in order to ‘build’ digitally, with the help of technology, an alternative and a revolutionary museum; the Ledra Palace Museum. Part of this project is the Ledra Palace Exhibition which is taking place at the Leventis Municipal Museum at the end of the year. The exhibition will ‘revive’ Ledra Palace hotel through memorabilia, artefacts and emerging technologies.

Required Skills: Basic knowledge of user experience in VR/AR, design and development of virtual and augmented reality applications or creation of game assets and game development. Or Basic knowledge of historical research (including oral history or art history)

Level of required Skills: Very good/ excellent

Internship Objectives: The objectives of the internship is the contribution to the staging of the exhibition either for the historical content or the technological installations.

Expected Deliverables: Contribution to exhibition project

Deadline: May 8th 2020

The applicants may address any technical or research related inquiries to the Research Office at internships@rise.org.cy

For more information about RISE internships and how to apply: https://www.rise.org.cy/en-gb/vacancies/rise-coe-internship-programs/


RISE is the first Research centre in Cyprus focused on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies.  Its aim is to become a centre of excellence that integrates academic research and industrial innovation through knowledge and technology transfer on the island and in the region. It is a joint venture between the three public universities of Cyprus (University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, Open University of Cyprus), the Municipality of Nicosia, and two renowned international partners, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (Germany) and University College London (UK). RISE will fuel scientific, technological, and economic growth in Cyprus and Europe harnessing the power of research to improve the marketplace and solve real-world problems.