Since July 2023, the Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab (VSMSlab) of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts have been merged with the Museum Lab of the CYENS Centre of Excellence in Nicosia. Please visit our new website at https://museumlab.cyens.org.cy/ for more information.

The Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab (VSMS lab) of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology aims to produce cutting edge research in the fields of visual sociology and museum studies. Research in the VSMS lab revolves around two main themes: 1) the critical examination of photographic images (artistic as a well as everyday), their distribution and consumption and 2) the study of museums as part of a cultural landscape and their effects on society.

When it comes to visual sociology, research topics include: the construction and uses of photographic archives; online user-generated image databases; vernacular photography and tourism photography; uses of historical and artistic photography in museums; and the relationship between photography, memory and identity. When it comes to museum studies, research topics include: cultural sustainability; cultural policies; the social and political impact of museums and galleries; museums’ effect on memory and identity; and audience studies.

Research Areas

The major research themes of the VSMS Lab include:

Visual Sociology

  • photographic archives
  • vernacular photography and tourism photography
  • photography and museums
  • photography and its relationship with issues of memory and identity
  • online user-generated image databases
  • the changing role of photography as a medium which transcends the boundaries of art, commerce and information

Museum Studies

  • the social and political impact of museums and galleries
  • audience studies in museums and galleries
  • museum education and access in museums and galleries
  • cultural sustainability and museums
  • cultural policies and museums